Vicki Gunvalson

Vicki clears up Briana's living situation, Ryan's security cameras, and her relationship with Brooks.

on Apr 30, 2013

Seeing the episode tonight of Tamra's gym party, it makes me sad how crazy it got. It was never my intention to bring Alexis to cause drama -- it was only because I was trying to help the situation and mend fences. Tamra knew that my intentions were pure and to see her say differently in my interviews was sad. Oh well, it's in the past and we've moved on from it now. It just stinks to see it being replayed when it happened so long ago.

I didn't know what was being talked about when I went out to see Alexis, and to see Gretchen's smart comments and clapping her hands when she left was just rude. I sure hope that never happens to her, because its very hurtful. I think Alexis was genuinely coming from a good place by showing up, and it's too bad the other girls couldn't see that.