Vicki Gunvalson

Vicki clears up Briana's living situation, Ryan's security cameras, and her relationship with Brooks.

on Apr 30, 2013

We know that it is only temporary and when Ryan returns from his deployment they will be getting their own place. I feel fortunate that Briana and I have had this time together, and it's been amazing to be able to see Troy daily versus just every now and then. It's all good -- so for those of you that want to judge or say mean comments to Briana or I, please refrain. You don't know our family and you don't know their situation, and if it works for us -- then it should work for you. Briana and I have never been closer and I cherish these times we have together.

I misspoke when I said Ryan is "watching me all the time" or that I feel like I have lost control of my home. The fact is, I feel safer than I ever have, because of the security cameras. I thank Ryan for thinking so much of us, that our protection while he is gone was his priority. I agreed for him to research and find the right company, and paid I for it so I obviously agreed to it. Fortunately, the cameras give Briana and I peace of mind knowing that we have them in place especially now that Ryan no longer lives there.

When I agreed to have Briana and Ryan move in, at that time I also agreed not to have Brooks over. Briana is concerned of introducing the baby to not only Brooks, but any other man that I would date because during this time we wanted to show Troy consistency. It is not a big deal to me, however it appears to be a much bigger deal than what it really is. I am perfectly fine and more than OK with this compromise at this time of my life. It keeps Briana, Troy, and Ryan happy and truly we don't have any conflicts at all. This was worth it for me to do to avoid fighting and it is a benefit to them being there than not.