Vicki Gunvalson

Vicki says Lauri's poor timing was motivated and that she's revealed more about herself in her talk about Brooks.

on Jul 8, 2013

Sorry for the delay in posting this blog. The urgency to do these blogs has somewhat gone away due to how I am being attacked this season. It's wrong, filled with lies, unjustifiable, and just plain mean what Lauri has been saying about me. It's hard to understand why or how she has chosen to take a reality show as her forum for her anger, but I guess to each it's own.

This week's episode was supposed to be about Tamra and Tamra's wedding dress shopping day. I took the day off of work to join the ladies because I sincerely wanted to be there for Tamra. Hindsight, I should have stayed at my office. I would have at least had a non-stressful day. I had no idea Lauri was going to unload on me. Instead of it being a happy day for Tamra, it was an upset day for me. Figures -– just my luck lately!

When Lauri showed up at Tamra's house, I was somewhat shocked to see her. She would be the LAST person that I would expect to join us wedding dress shopping because the last time I saw Lauri (which was a few years ago) she told me how much didn't like Tamra. I figured she was "back" to either poke her nose in and give Tamra advice on what to do with her wedding, or she wanted to be back to character assassinate Brooks. It is very strange to have her appear. She sure couldn't appear as BORING LAURI as obviously that wouldn't be fun to watch now would it. Hence -- her motive.