Vicki Gunvalson

The matriarch of RHOC reflects on 100 episodes and thanks those who have stayed with her for all eight seasons.

on Jun 26, 2013

Seeing Donn and I together and married and me saying I wasn't going to let a reality show destroy our marriage made me sad and cry. The bottom line is we let doing this show influence our relationship; we let it put stress on our relationship without consciously being aware that it was actually happening.


Although Donn and I didn't have a perfect relationship, we loved each other and wanted the best for one another. Even though we are separated now, we still want the best for one another and want each other happy.

And by the way those of you who want to know how he's doing -- he's actually great. He lives in the desert and talks to Briana a lot and sees Troy often.

I wanted to take this time to thank you for allowing us to enter your homes for the past eight years. I appreciate and love all my fans and for people who root for me when I need it. Remember that the reality shows take only a small piece of one's "reality" and it does not show our "normal" off-camera life, as that would be boring now wouldn't it?