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GIF Recap: Lizzie's Dinner Party Disaster

Things escalate very quickly between Shannon, Heather, and everyone else at Lizzie's party. Also, Vicki hates the potty.

Bienvenidos as always O.C. lovers. Let's poor some sake immediately and discuss the events of Mexico. . .Speaking of other countries, Vicki wants to remind Heather that she told "the world" about Shannon's email from David.


So Vicki's advice to "just be nice to Shannon" didn't go over super, duper well. . .Perhaps Vicki should have brought it up after much more sake.

What does Vicki Gunvalson hate? Don't answer that. Because Vicki answered it for you. It's two things -- one is getting gas (the car kind) and the other is "going potty." (Does anyone else see the humor in how close those two things are?)


Perhaps it's incidents like this that make Vicki hate "going potty."

But she's not alone, Tamra also despises the great time waster that is human waste.


Aren't we all?

After discussing bathroom breaks, the ladies move on to Heather's signature point. Vicki has perfected the move. . .


But despite knowing exactly how to do it, Vicki would never use it. There's too much power in the point.

Vicki likes Heather, but she doesn't like how she is treating Shannon. That means she doesn't like how tonight's shindig at Lizzie's is going to go. . .


And that might have been the understatement of the century. As if the simmering tensions weren't enough, Shannon's got a little bit of gossip from Tamra building up in the back of her heard. You see Tamra told Shannon a few times that Terry has a plan, a plan to:


Where are they that Terry is going to take them down from? Unclear.

Heather is also not feeling super positive about this dinner party. She's suffering from an ailment that is prevalent among Housewives. 


Our prescription: take two glasses of wine with food.

But before we get to all that shouting: fire dancers!


Note the guy casually texting in the distance. He's like "What? Fire dancers are on this beach like every day."


And you thought the catty remarks were the hottest thing coming out of anyone's mouth at dinner.

But fire dancers can't keep the conversation going forever. So when there's a lull in conversation the talk of best body parts comes up. Brooks' favorite part of Vicki: her brain. Tamra's response. . .


Of course, if we're talking physical Brooks thinks it's her vagina. Apparently it smells like gardenias.

But that's not the craziest thing that was said at dinner, because Tamra lets that little "take the Beadors down" comment out of the bag. Heather takes the news calmly.


Once that can of worms is opened, things escalated pretty quickly with a lot of going out on the balcony, coming back from the balcony, sending out other people to the balcony. Thank god Lizzie had a balcony or this could have been catastrophically worse -- if that's even possible.

After about the fifth trip out to the balcony, Shannon starts to get frustrated. And when Tamra calls yet another guest out to the balcony (Heather), things reach farce level.


After some talk of "shutting it down" and "telephones" Shannon decides her best course of action is to leave and let the truth come out.

And so another successful O.C. dinner party goes down in the books. And Lizzie has a good idea of who she should thank for th fireworks that went along with the fire dancers.