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GIF Recap: What Does Tamra Remember?

Ep 14: The 'Wives try to piece together Shannon's storm out, before Tamra breaks down about her son's new GF.

Hello my Little Fire Dancers. We're back at Lizzie's dinner party, and things aren't still going particularly phenomenally. Shannon is ready for everyone to see the truth. Tamra is hoping Shannon can stay to reveal the truth. But here's the problem. . . 


According to Lizzie, "that's what people do," unfortunately.

After Shannon spends a little time outisde and Brooks spends a little time going to the bathroom (he goes when he gets nervous, this situation makes him very nervous), Shannon comes back inside to let everyone know she's really leaving. . .Heather does not engage.


Shannon brings up a valid point. What is the etiquette of leaving a party? Do you go back in and "make an annoucement to the f---ing room again"? Do you just leave? What is the protocol? 

After that Lizzie's husband tries to revive the mood with Fireball shots. And Heather chimes in with a toast, the subject matter of which Christian has qualms with. . .


Shots for all, even if their toasting skills are lacking.

The next day the ladies attempt to reconvene to recover the events that the Fireball might have erased. Heather's losing her voice and Tamra suggest maybe Heather should stop talking so much. Her reaction is priceless.


It's a good thing Heather has some voice to talk it out though, because Tamra wouldn't remember much otherwise. . .


That's right. Mrs. Judge doesn't recall that much of the "Beador take down" situation happened. She doesn't think she said it -- or if she did she doesn't remember. Maybe Shannon's confused.


Who knows. . .Tamra goes back to her original assertion, that Shannon's just crazy and that all the rumors she heard about her are true. . .

In happier news, Brooks and Vicki are sharing cheese beach-side and discussing how much better things have gotten. How much better is that Vicki?


Yes, "holy buckets of balls" better, the measurement by which all relationships are graded. And when you are in "holy buckets of balls" with someone, you start talking about moving in together. Here's hoping that cohabitation is something Vicki can get Briana on board with.

In other happy relationship news, Tamra's son Ryan has a new woman. He's ready to move away with his new girlfriend, his girlfriend that he met on Instagram two months ago.


First things first, perhaps Tamra should meet the young lady. . . 

In other news, this is what Heather hears when Terry talks -- at least when he talks about how much she hates the rental house.


And then the moment of truth comes, Ryan and his girlfriend Sarah arrive for dinner. First impression. . .


Besides being afraid of the facial similarities, Tamra's also a little freaked out about the fact that Sarah carries a gun (and is in the gun business). Tamra's advice: be careful with this women. Particulary since he's a strong, single mother who owns a business -- she knows a little bit about ladies like that.

Over dinner, things get heavy when Sarah brings up her recently deceased parents, so Ryan tries to change up the chatter by bringing up their potential wedding venue. . .


Yup, turns out they are already sort of engaged and have a date -- all without Tamra knowing. She's feeling a little looped out (see above GIF). At this point, the tears flow for pretty much the remainder of dinner. . .

Right until it's time for them to leave.


Not the most promisng way to end dinner with your future mother-in-law.


But Tamra doesn't have anything against Sarah, it's more the gravity of the situation of her son growing up -- and possibly making his own mistakes.


Hug it out with your mom Tamra. She gets it!

And so Tamra is left to her tears and we're left to wait until next week, when we see the ladies planning for Bali -- and wondering if Shannon should be invited.