Lizzie Rovsek

Despite their differences, Lizzie wants to understand where Vicki's coming from, not fight with her.

on Jun 2

Ahhh, the joys of motherhood!! Tonight you saw Heather and I going on a play date with Coco and Preston. Preston was not a happy camper when we got to the park. My lil' man had fallen asleep in the car and was not awake yet when we pulled up to the park. Luckily it only took about three minutes to adjust and start having fun with adorable little Coco.

I asked Heather for advice on Vicki because I was still wondering if she was genuine in her apology. There was a lot more to our conversation at the park. I am NOT in any way insulted that Vicki asked if I was Mexican. (My whole life people have asked me if I am Persian, Mexican, Spanish, Bulgarian, Colombian, Italian etc., I always take it as a compliment.) The insult was that she purposefully forgot my name and pretended like she never met me. And after saying to me that I "have ethnic things going on" in which I explained my heritage, she acted like that never happened. The insult was that she completely negated our previous conversations. She knew I was Italian.

I was perplexed if her apology was authentic, and I really wanted to resolve this silliness with Vicki and be on good terms. Heather seems to have her own issue with Vicki so I understand why she had a difficult time offering up a good hand of guidance. However, Heather did tell me that Vicki is a loyal friend, and I do believe that there is a good person with a big heart in Vicki. She just has to give me a chance to see it.

Heather and I started talking about our children and I explained that I want more! I absolutely love being a mom. I brought Coco a gift of girly stuff. It's true, I love buying girl stuff and I am a true girly girl. I was the girly girl in my family and my sister, Becky, was the total tomboy. I always thought I would have a house full of little girls. Isn't it funny how God gives us what we need and not necessarily what we want? I adore my boys and they have taught me the most precious things in life.

I definitely want more children. Baby No. 3 is a serious conversation in the Rovsek house. The only other question is timing. I want my kids to be close in age. I think we will start trying beginning of 2015. I have always wanted a little girl, but I have to be totally honest with you, I love being a mom to boys so much that I really get excited thinking about being a mom to three boys. I will leave it up to God. It's all in his perfect timing anyway, if we are meant to have a boy, girl, twins or if the two we have is it! All we can really hope for is healthy children.