Shannon Beador

Though things might have seemed tense at the Beador dinner party, Shannon opens up about how much she actually loves her husband.

on Apr 21

I have to say that when I started filming RHOC I knew it was not going to be "the Shannon Beador show" -- that I was going to be shown in both positive and negative lights. I also understood that despite multiple hours of filming, there would only be a few moments shown on the screen. Everyone in our family tends to joke with each other, but often times on film it doesn't appear very funny. And now for week two, I find that some of my not-so-proudest moments have been chosen to air. What is different from last week, however, is that there is a little bit of backstory to explain some of my behavior! Let’s begin!

I love the fact that my children go to cotillion. You may not have picked up on this yet, but I am very old school. I love most things that are traditional and old-fashioned. To watch my girls do the cha cha cha and box step in their party shoes and white gloves is the most darling thing ever!

David and I come from a different background. I am proud of David that he has achieved so much success in his life, all on his own, and that I have been privileged to witness it. He always tells me that he feels a sense of accomplishment when he can expose our children to things he wasn't able to experience as a child. Stella feels bad that she told her dad that he didn't have good manners. She certainly didn't mean it and both David and I thought it was quite sweet that she apologized after seeing the episode (as did I for laughing along).

I finally met all of the women at Tamra's spooky party! I asked Heather whether it was a costume party and she said that she was just going to be wearing black. I was surprised to see her "third eye," and had I known people were going to be dressed in a "spooky" way I absolutely would have done more than wear a black dress!