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Vicki doesn't think Shannon is psychotic and thinks Tamra is a sh-- stirrer.

Tonight's episode really made it difficult for me to watch. Although I actually "lived it" five months ago -- reliving it again made me sad. Seeing people that I care about be hurt by one another is brutal.

I have come to the belief that the TRUTH is the TRUTH. And in one way, shape, or form, the truth will always be revealed.

When Shannon told me she went to Heather's house to ask her about her divulging the email she got from David -- personally I would have done the same thing. I didn't see Shannon yell at Heather. I only saw her asking Heather in an attempt to try and get to the bottom of this mess just the way any of us would. Tamra telling Shannon she did not share this personal information about David's email, as you saw, was a lie. Tamra got caught, but I truly think she tried to cover herself because she didn't want to look like she was gossiping and didn't want to hurt Shannon by betraying her.

Regarding Terry saying "I want to take the Beadors down". . .I don't think he ever said that. I have known Terry to be nothing but a gentleman, and my analysis is that Tamra made this up for some reason and doesn't remember saying it to Shannon and I. I have no idea why she would make this up, but it's either that -- or he said it. It can't be anything else.

I felt bad for Lizzie's at her dinner party because as a new couple to this group I'm sure it was tough for them to figure out how to navigate through all this yelling and fighting. I think she did a good job on staying out of it. Her father's beach house was amazing right on the water. However I wish we all could have enjoyed it a little bit more.

Just for the record: Shannon is a great person. She's loyal, honest, and passionate about doing the right thing and being around TRUTH. I don't think Shannon is "crazy," "psychotic," or anything of the sort. She's passionate about the TRUTH. . .

There is not a lot for me to say in this blog other than I am trying to turn over a new leaf and stay clear and neutral from the drama. Tamra has called me an "ass kisser."  I think what is more appropriate for her to say is that "I'm not a sh-- stirrer" the way she is. I am a lot of things -- but an "ass kisser" is NOT one of them!!!

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Hope you have a great week and thank you again for watching!

Love and kisses,

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