Vicki Gunvalson

Vicki explains why she told Lizzie to be "careful" with Tamra.

on Jul 28

Welcome back to my blog. I'm going to make it somewhat "short and sweet" as I am in NYC preparing to go on WWHL tonight with Andy and need to get myself ready.

When Tamra asked me over to take a walk, I figured something was going on. When she told me Ryan was getting married and moving away, I was really shocked. I had no idea he was even dating anyone seriously! I knew how much they relied on him to work at their gym, so I’m sure it was a double whammy. All I could do was to encourage her to let go, the way I have had to do with Briana moving away. It's one of the hardest things I have had to do, and the only thing that helps is time and the ability to visit as often as possible.

When walking with Tamra, I also encouraged her to apologize to Shannon, as I really think she was rough on her. I have really come to like Shannon, and I just don't see why Tamra can't be softer towards her.

When I told Lizzie to be "careful" with Tamra, I didn't say that to be malicious towards Tamra. It was to just prepare Lizzie to take it slow. Tamra and I have been friends for six years, and she has done some things to me that have been very hurtful. I have chosen to forgive her, because sometimes I just think everyone deserves a second or third chance if they are truly remorseful -- it's the fourth, fifth and sixth chance where I start to draw the line.

When Heather and Tamra agreed to invite Shannon to Bali, I thought it was a great idea. I wasn't too sure if Shannon was going to agree to it or not when we went to dinner, but I am glad she did. You will see on the upcoming episodes how much fun we had.