How Did We Get Here: A Brief History of Gizelle and Charrisse's Feud

For those of you wondering why Gizelle and Charrisse are yelling at each other about whores in an alley, we have you covered. 

Between cease and desist letters, cheating accusations, and the word "whore" being yelled quite a lot, it's clear that Gizelle Bryant and Charrisse Jackson Jordan have a LOT going on between them in The Real Housewives of Potomac Season 2 premiere. How did things get so shady between these ladies? Well, Bravo history buffs will let you know it all started with a crab boil - and exploded with some epic Watch What Happens Live accusations. Walk with us down memory lane to see how Gizelle and Charrisse wound up here - but be sure to bring a napkin. There's lots of tea spilling ahead...

The Crab Boil Debacle

It was actually in the very first episode of #RHOP that we saw the initial fission between pals Gizelle and Charrisse. Gizelle's friend Cal implied Charrisse needed to fix her hair and then this happened: 

Yes, you just witnessed Charrisse saying that Gizelle is "used to having her legs open." We'll let you all decide what exactly she means by that...Is this the first strike by Charrisse about Gizelle's extracurricular activities? We think so. But the drama didn't end there:

Charrisse basically kicked Gizelle out of her house. Oh, and Gizelle called Charrisse crazy. And this was all the same day! Moving on.

The Sight of Your Face Repulses Me

Oh sweet Gizelle, if you thought a car service and fancy lunch would fix this issue with Sha-Sha you were wrong. Charrisse isn't buying anything Ms. Bryant is selling at this sit-down. Instead of coming together these two are only pushed farther apart as Charrisse lobs some epic shade right at Gizelle's face - literally. 

The Beef is Squashed!

Who knew all it took was a little whiskey to get these two back together?

Well, Ashley Darby did. But as we all know, this didn't last too long.

The Reunion Rupture AKA Whore-Gate

All good Housewives fans know that everything might be peachy keen when a season ends only to explode into drama after the cast has actually watched the season. (That interview shade doesn't mess around). It's no surprise that tensions were high on the couches - and no higher than between Charrisse and Gizelle. 

This is the moment that really turned this from a Potomac battle into an all out war. When Charrisse stated, "I don't say 'Oh, Gizelle's a whore screwing everyone from around the country,'" Gizelle claims she was, in fact, saying exactly that. We have a feeling Charrisse had no idea what she started. Why do we say that? Well...

Gizelle Says Eddie and Charrisse Both Had Affairs on #WWHL


When host Andy Cohen mentioned Charrisse's Reunion marriage bomb that she and Eddie haven't spoken since the show started, Gizelle went a step further. "They're going to do what they've been doing," the 'Wife said, "He's gonna be with his girlfriends, and she's gonna be with her boyfriend the fireman." We think Andy's reaction says it all...We mean, at least she said this fireman was cute, though? 

It was these types of comments that lead to Charrisse sending a cease and desist letter right to Gizelle's street. 

[listicle title=Don't Let the Zip Code Fool Ya, Baby]

And here we are. It all came to a head that night of Ashley's performance and all signs point to this being far from over. Relive the clash below and remember: history tends to repeat itself. 

Be sure to watch The Real Housewives of Potomac Sundays at 9/8c, only on Bravo. 

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