Gizelle Bryant Is Marie Kondo-ing Her Drawers (Just Like the Rest of Us!)

The Real Housewives of Potomac mom is finding her joy at home by decluttering. 

Are we all not doing this right now? Going through our drawers and closets and decluttering and chucking stuff? It’s like there's a universal post-New Year instinct to reboot. Nice to know Gizelle Bryant of The Real Housewives of Potomac is no different!

She recently posted a few shots of the fruits of her labor in an Instagram Story. “Shirt drawer just got Kondo,” she wrote, referring to Marie Kondo’s blockbuster book The Life-Changing Art of Tidying Up and corresponding Netflix show “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo.” She then added a shot of the stuff that didn’t make the cut. “Pile that brings me NO joy.” 

Totally get it, Gizelle. I've got a pile of bags parked out front waiting for a Goodwill pickup, and I have totally sparked my joy. 

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