19 #RHOP Reunion Shade GIFs You Need in Your Arsenal

Nobody does a comeback like our Potomac ladies. Throw shade like our #RHOP 'Wives with these GIFs!  

The Real Housewives of Potomac brought it and brought it hard for their first Reunion. The eyerolls were epic, the shade was salacious, and the one-liners? We mean, pretty historical. (We had to).

Karen Huger literally went Civil War on the ladies. No wonder Season 2 is already on the way! But until then, we have all the shade you'll need to hold you over - Reunion GIF style. 

We've got you covered for every shady situation your fabulous life may throw at you. Take a look below for some GIFspiration as the ladies put Potomac on the map with their first Reunion - because you know you're gonna need a Katie Rost side eye in that group iMessage later. 

1The Double Wammy

2The Oh, So That's How It's Gonna Be

And you don't have the time. 

3The That Ho Over There

THOT for short. 

4The #SorryNotSorry

5The Karen Huger Eye Roll

6When you can't even.

7When you really can't even.

8Alright, you can.

9The Katie Rost Special

We mean really, only she could make side eye look so gorgeous. 

10The Driver's Ed


11The At Least I Have a Man

12The Sarcastic Shade

13The Dig Your Own Grave

14The Get Yourself Together

15The You're Crazy

16The You're Crazy But I Can't Say it So I'll Let my Eyebrows

17The Shutdown

18The Not So Subtle Shade

And finally...

19 The This Ho...

Now gather these up in your GIF library and you'll be ready to tackle any hater that comes your way. You're welcome. 


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