Gizelle: The Green-Eyed Bandits Strike Again!

Catch Gizelle Bryant's first thoughts post-reunion. What did you think of Karen’s explanation of her move? Were you surprised by how angry she got about the “fix your face” comments?
Gizelle Bryant: I DO NOT understand Karen's house moving explanation at all what-so-EVER! It was very confusing. Are her parents packing their bags and getting ready to move into this Great Falls house? Aren't her parents very old and need to be cared for? Would they even care where they live? Again, CONFUSING! Karen doesn't deny getting "work" done. She just denies the location where she gets the work done. She calls me a liar but offers for me to come with her next time. My love for Karen and her balls of contradiction grows by the minute. What did you think about the ladies' comments about your marriage?

GB: At first I was shocked about the LIE that Charrisse was telling about me and my previous marriage but as I thought about it, I felt differently. I get it, people who live in glass houses throw boulders. People that live in infidelity disfunction think that's the norm. Last but not least I am DIVORCED. We saw your new man! Did he think he would be on camera that day? How does he feel about Housewives and what did you think about his appearance?
GB: Hi Sherman! When we met I was on RHOP so from day one he thinks the show is insane and not really his cup of tea. However, he supports and loves me. What more could a girl ask for?! Smile! What do you think about the other ladies’ comments about your relationship with Robyn and how you treat her?
GB: Monique doesn't know me or Robyn well enough to make a comment about our relationship. Does anyone care what Monique thinks?? Of course, people are going to make judgments and question the green-eyed bandits. The dynamic duo strikes again... they're haters! Did you realize Robyn had made those comments at the end of the episode about Ashley and cameras? What are you thinking watching it now?
GB: That was not the first nor the last time Robyn has made those comments. Robyn is NOT to be played with, and she means exactly what she said. Catch her in a back alley no cameras and say something slick out your mouth. Ummmm now that's Laila Ali before she retired. I suggest Ashleycross the street when Ms. Dixon is coming.

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