Robyn on Dating: "I Hope I Don't Get Bamboozled By Some Crazy Dude!"

Robyn Dixon shares why she's nervous about getting back into the dating pool and doesn't hold back dishing on "two grown women" arguing over vacation planning. As Gizelle Bryantfriend, how do you think the sit down with Monique Samuelswent? 

Robyn DixonGizelle’s lunch with Monique was a disaster! My girl is much too fabulous to let someone get her all choked up (literally!). I’m hoping that she can release whatever energy she is giving Monique and return to being her fabulous self!


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Gizelle to Monique: You Speak Trick Trash
Karen Huger attempts to bring Monique Samuels and Gizelle Bryant together...and it goes about as well as you'd think. Why try therapy now? Tell us about that talk with your mom. 

RD: My mom has seen me through every peak and valley of my life and has always shown unconditional love and support without ever forcing her opinions on me like a lot of parents do with their kids. I have always appreciated that she has let me do me without judgment. But hearing her strong advice on my relationship with Juan opened my eyes to help me realize that I need to take a moment to give this part of my life some attention and to see what is keeping me stuck in the same place. Tell us about opening up in your therapy session, admitting you want love and the homework assignment.
RD: I’m usually the one listening and giving advice to others so being on the other side truthfully was not comfortable for me. It was therapeutic to open up about my current situation and what has kept me complacent for the past few years. I realized that not only does my fear of being hurt by others keep me stuck in the same place, but it also keeps me from opening up to being loved. Honestly, I wasn’t quite ready for that homework assignment! I’ve been scammed by a male friend that I thought I knew very well and I’ve heard so many dating horror stories from my girlfriends so I’m just hoping that I don’t get bamboozled by some crazy dude! Have you been dating?
RD: Hmmm, you’ll have to stay tuned! What did you think about the tension between Charrisse Jackson Jordan andKaren Huger - especially now having seen the two discuss the idea by the pool earlier.
RD: Other than that one time when some ladies were arguing over who should have sat in the middle seat at a birthday dinner, I have never witnessed two grown women go at it over anything dumber. Seriously though, it’s clear that Karen and Charrisse have an underlying dislike for one another and I’m not quite sure why. I just really hope that they don’t pack their egos in their luggage to Bermuda!

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