RHOP Poll: Were Gizelle Bryant’s Hashtags Shady or Silly?

#GodBlessTheHugers made Karen feel everything but #blessed. Weigh in on those hashtags now! (Plus get a sneak peek at the next episode). 

Who would have thought a t-shirt could stir up so much drama among the Potomac ‘Wives? We're guessing not Gizelle Bryant Gizelle Bryant. The EveryHue Beauty make-up maven claimed that the t-shirt with hashtags like #GodBlessTheHugers, #FreeUncleBen, and #TaxReform she wore to Karen Huger’s press conference was to make light of Karen’s situation and show her support to her friend. The saying is if you don't laugh, you'd cry right?

Well, Karen’s not buying what Gizelle is selling, and neither were some of the other ‘Wives. What do you think? Were Gizelle’s hashtags just trying to lighten an otherwise negative situation, or was she poking fun at Karen’s family issues?

Relive the big #hashtag reveal in the video above and cast your vote below!

Get a sneak peek at what happened between Karen and Gizelle after that press conference now:

The Real Housewives of Potomac
Gizelle Bryant Apologizes for That #Hashtag T-Shirt
But will Karen Huger accept the apology? See how this goes...
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