Ben Tankard

Ben shares what you should know about his family, what he thinks of Brooklyn's marathon, and what happened at his prom.

on Nov 7, 2013 What do you want people to know about your family as they start watching the show?
Ben: I want everyone to see how exciting and funny my blended family is. Each family member is like a cartoon character. I also think as people watch the show they will see themselves in one of us. I also want to [use the show to] reach out to long-lost loved ones and say "I love you and we are thicker than water." What did you think of Cyrene's would-be-suitor Josh?
Ben: He reminds me of myself when I was his age: tall, intoxicating smile -- and maybe a little too handsome. His long arms concern me: I hope he does not turn out to be an "octopus" with Cyrene. Keep your hands to yourself, juvenile! (LOL!) Do you always ask so many questions and challenge potential suitors to basketball games?
Ben: No this is new for me, in the past when Cyrene has brought a "friend" to my attention, it has been someone very short. This is the first time I have had to look UP to talk to one. . .