Jewel Tankard

Jewel shares her thoughts on therapy and her sister's behavior.

on Dec 30, 2013 Were you surprised to hear Junice's comments about being too controlling regarding event planning?
Jewel Tankard: I was and wasn't. I know that I am controlling at times. I think it's a very common trait among leaders. I have definitely learned to balance that trait out. I'm a good leader, but I have also learned to be a very good follower. But she stated she did not want to look at another building, so I took the lead and did it. Were you proud to see Brooklyn planning her hair show? Were you surprised by how it turned out?
Jewel: Oh my goodness, I was thrilled to see her planning it! I was very impressed at the magnitude of how big it was. I was blown away at how excellent it was! It was beyond even New York fashion week. The level of excellence, creativity, models, entertainment, and even the charity portion was amazing. People came from all over the country to participate. Brooklyn’s team and staff were amazing. Loves all of it!!! Why can't Brooklyn and Benji work it out? Is there a deeper issue there?
Jewel: I think Brooklyn and Benji are both in the process of major personal development. And I just think instead of focusing on each other’s weakness, they just need to focus on what they need to change! Give each other the room to grow. Have your thoughts on therapy changed at all?
Jewel: I think there is a place for short term therapy. I personally get my therapy through the word of God and prayer. And then I have great spiritual parents and grandparents, family, and wise girlfriends if I need to talk. I’m still not really into someone who I don't know telling me who I am when God has already told me that.