Dr. Ramani

Dr. Ramani knows that mistakes happen, but the participants can't let that discourage them.

on Sep 7, 2010

The clients are getting defensive, Jackie is getting defensive, and here even I am getting defensive. Makes sense, weight loss is frustrating, and can often bring out our inner cowards rather than our inner warriors. But let it be said that the key buzzwords of the session are STOP and DISTRACT (it's like drop and roll). Put the excess food down –- you have the power –- and then immediately distract. Take a walk, call a friend, exercise, masturbate -– just don't eat.  

Are they doomed? Have we run out of insights for therapy? Are they just lazy, vodka drinking, injury prone spoiled children, or are they all of us? Again, place your bets. Who is going to post the greatest losses next week? I can all but guarantee you will be surprised at the answer.