Jackie's Tips

The biggest reason people get fat is sugar.

on Sep 1, 2010



Eat a salad the size of both hands put together. This equals a little more than a cup of greens.  

Eat fish, poultry, and lean meats the size and thickness of the center of your palm.  This equates to four ounces of meat.  

Eat a serving of hard cheese, salad dressing, oil, nut butter, nuts, or seeds the size of two thumbs.  This measurement equals two tablespoons or, in the case of cheese, one ounce.  

Eat a serving or veggies, chopped fresh fruit, milk, low-fat cottage cheese, or Greek-yogurt the size of your fist.  The same goes for cereal, rice, pasta, cooked grains, and cooked beans or legumes.  A fist-size portion is the same as one cup.