Stacy explains why she got so frustrated and introduces us to her inner warrior, Enrique

Oct 5, 2010

Now last week we had our inner warrior come out and mine was taking in a Broadway show and flew in this week on the red-eye. His name is Enrique and he has a fabulous glitter vest and top hat. Go figure. He can be a little temperamental, so while I was coping with my upped dosage of PCOS meds he decided to take over my communication with others (overly dramatic high jinks ensue).

I think he was trying to come up with a Haiku of some kind and he decided to use "Jackie" and "jackass" in the first line. I know that Jackie is doing her best to help me and I can't help it if Enrique gets defensive. He doesn't like it when people don't take time to understand PCOS. I think if Jackie took more time to sit down with Dr. Cohen and me, we could get the results we want.

Now onto our fantastic MMA fighter workout. I'm a huge fan of a workout that includes attractive men, but they are a little too intense for my taste. It's a hard workout and to make matters worse I am stuck with Jeana, who seems more concerned with getting phone numbers from these guys than getting an actual workout -- hence me being able to wrestle her to the ground.