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on Oct 16, 20080

Hello Gretta,
I am a devoted Bravo Fan because of all of the great style and fashion shows...You and Tim make a great team. I have a passion for fashion, styling and designing, even though I'm in the field of education. I've always had a drive for anything fashion related and would like to know how to get into the fashion industry. Would you have any advice? Thanks for your time. - Itzel

Hi Itzel,
Getting into a new career is a difficult and intimidating move to make, and easier for some than others, depending on how hard it is to phase out your current commitments. Fashion is particularly difficult, only because there are so many young women trying to break into the industry. If you had the freedom to move to New York or LA, that's where things are really happening. You can work try to work in a designer's studio, in a wholesale showroom or in some of the best retail in the world. This requires time, strength in the face of rejection and, overall, financial resources to get by in cities with high costs of living and low-paying entry level jobs. If you're more established and can't relocate so easily, then picking up a part-time job in a boutique can be a good way to familiarize yourself in the day-to-day of selling fashion at the retail level. Doing what you love is one of the best gifts that life can give you; I'm very lucky to have made my way up the ladder and I recommend pursuing the dream to anyone I meet. It's not easy, though, so be prepared for set-backs! Good Luck!

Dear Greta,
I just found out that my husband and I are expecting a baby in June . . . SURPRISE! Needless to say, I haven't a clue what clothes to wear and what clothes to avoid. I want to look stylish, not homely and I don't want to be swallowed by clothes. Any tips? Types of clothes? Places to shop? Thanks. -Ginger

Hi Ginger,
Before we begin talking fashion, I want to extend a huge congratulations to you and your expanding family! It's probably best to wait a couple months, and get a better idea about how you will carry your baby weight, prior to making any purchases. When you do invest in some pieces, try and pick some (comfortable) staples that will expand with you, and your belly. I would start with a great black dress, a pair of jeans and cardigan. Also, check the fabric tags since maternity clothing with a lycra content are perfect; they'll keep you looking shapely and aren't size specific. Liz Lange designs some great basics for Target, and you can never go wrong at Mimi Maternity. They have a very user friendly website and an educated sales team. While at either the store or on the website, you must check out the "secret belly fit jean." My clients and girlfriends swear by them...
Best of Luck, Gretta


Gretta-  I have muffin top nut no butt.  so, if my jeans fit my waist, they are baggy in the butt.  What do you suggest?



Gretta:  I've got the old 'stomach bulge which makes it difficult to find the right-sized jeans.  What do you recommend?


Thanks, B.


Hi Gretta!

I'm from the Philippines and I just moved here to the States to study fashion. I have a college degree in business from home. But then I realized I really wanted to go into the fashion industry. Right now, I'm looking at some schools and I really can't afford most of them. But it's not just the money, I'm thinking about the time I may waste if ever I go into the wrong school. I've been researching everyday for the past month.

I'm from California and I'm thinking of going into Long Beach City College first or LA Trade Tech. Or maybe OTIS if im lucky to get a full scholarship. Then transfer to FIT because I can't move to NYC yet and I don't have the money for a big time fashion school. But somehow, I think the fashion industry doesnt really recognize community colleges. So please tell me what I should do. Will I be wasting my time by going to a community college then transferring? Or should I just wait till I can go to a the big fashion schools?

Thank you for your time. I'd really appreciate it because this is the biggest decision of my life.


Hi Greta

I was unsure of which blog to enter this question into but here I go. In one of the episodes of Tim Gunn's Guide to Style, the girl has her hair cut off short because she needed to embrace her curls, the stylist in the show used some clips while curling her hair. I would like to know what they are called and maybe where I could get some?


Hi Greta, I am about to turn 45 and I have been a teacher for 20 years. I teach eighth grade and I feel that all my clothes represent the age group that I teach and not the woman I am.

I am engaged to get married to a professional man and combine our families to become the new Brady Bunch. I feel out of place when I attend his business events and I really need to look the part when I am with his business associates, who by the way always look extremely put together. I really need help in order to combine my two worlds but with a limited budget.

I would love to develop the confidence with fashion to feel good in all situations. Every episode I have watched has brought me to tears as I wish it was me on your show. :)

Thank you, D