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on Oct 16, 20080

Once you purge your closet, how do you rotate items? Can I wear the same classic black pants 3 days in the same week? Now I wear one cute outfit once or twice a week and somewhat frumpy outfits the other days so I don't over-use the stylish ones. Please, please help! - Kelly

Hey Kelly,
I find that so many people do this: think one dimensionally about "outfits." It's one thing to think through purchases you're planning to make in order to know you have the right things to wear it with. That's good. On the other hand, limiting yourself to wearing only outfits you know already work seriously cuts back on how large your wardrobe is, not to mention the fun you can have with creatively putting together new looks with old basics. I'm happy that you have a couple great looks that are stylish and that you love, so start there. Challenge yourself to take each component of your favorite outfits and create an entirely new outfit. Spend an evening at home playing dress up. While fashion comes from within, use people who's style you admire to get ideas from. If you always wear a particular top with pants, try it with a pencil skirt, tucked in. In terms of rotation, it's easy to get away with double, even triple wears of the same piece if it's simple and basic. As long as they're freshly pressed and clean, no one is going to notice those black pants were the black banks from Tuesday. But, again, be creative! If you wear black pants and a fitted top one day, pair them with a blouse and cropped jacket the next. It might sound nerdy, but make a note on your calendar of what you wear each day. I'm willing to bet that you'll be pleasantly surprised with how much variety you can infuse into your wardrobe without ever taking a trip to the mall and the only way to be sure of your success is to keep track.
XOXO -Gretta

I'm extremely tall! 5'11" tall! I see all these cute shoes and they've all got heels. I would love to wear stylish shoes in everyday life but if I wear something with a heel I look like a GIANT. How do I find shoes that are cute, stylish, and don't make me look like an ogre? - Lis

I'm so envious! I'm on the other side of the coin, if I'm NOT in heels, I feel like you do when you're in them — out of place and uncomfortably short, so I can totally sympathize. The good news is — who needs a heel when you've blessed with the stature of a model?! There are so many fashionable flats out there: toe cleavage, pointy toes, round toes, mary janes, ballet flats, buckle details, and that's just to name a few different styles. There's a flat for every occasion and I bet you're just not seeing them because you feel like you "have" to wear heels! Every premier shoe designer does fabulous flats from Louboutin to Manolo, which means every regular brand copies them from Aldo to Steve Madden. If you still yearn for a little bit of a heel, try what we call a "kitten" height — just a little heel, maybe an inch to two, that gives you that feminine, dainty feel without the extra inches.
XO -Gretta


Gretta-  I have muffin top nut no butt.  so, if my jeans fit my waist, they are baggy in the butt.  What do you suggest?



Gretta:  I've got the old 'stomach bulge which makes it difficult to find the right-sized jeans.  What do you recommend?


Thanks, B.


Hi Gretta!

I'm from the Philippines and I just moved here to the States to study fashion. I have a college degree in business from home. But then I realized I really wanted to go into the fashion industry. Right now, I'm looking at some schools and I really can't afford most of them. But it's not just the money, I'm thinking about the time I may waste if ever I go into the wrong school. I've been researching everyday for the past month.

I'm from California and I'm thinking of going into Long Beach City College first or LA Trade Tech. Or maybe OTIS if im lucky to get a full scholarship. Then transfer to FIT because I can't move to NYC yet and I don't have the money for a big time fashion school. But somehow, I think the fashion industry doesnt really recognize community colleges. So please tell me what I should do. Will I be wasting my time by going to a community college then transferring? Or should I just wait till I can go to a the big fashion schools?

Thank you for your time. I'd really appreciate it because this is the biggest decision of my life.


Hi Greta

I was unsure of which blog to enter this question into but here I go. In one of the episodes of Tim Gunn's Guide to Style, the girl has her hair cut off short because she needed to embrace her curls, the stylist in the show used some clips while curling her hair. I would like to know what they are called and maybe where I could get some?


Hi Greta, I am about to turn 45 and I have been a teacher for 20 years. I teach eighth grade and I feel that all my clothes represent the age group that I teach and not the woman I am.

I am engaged to get married to a professional man and combine our families to become the new Brady Bunch. I feel out of place when I attend his business events and I really need to look the part when I am with his business associates, who by the way always look extremely put together. I really need help in order to combine my two worlds but with a limited budget.

I would love to develop the confidence with fashion to feel good in all situations. Every episode I have watched has brought me to tears as I wish it was me on your show. :)

Thank you, D