Latest Clips

Tying Up Hair

S1/EP8: Stylist Mark Garrison offers a great way to tie up your hair. (00:46)

Be Objective

S1/EP8: If you have a semblance of style, there's no reason it can't be translated to what you wear. (01:08)

Karen Vito

S1/EP8: Catch up with Karen and see how she's doing since Tim and Veronica's visit. (01:13)

Vintage Shopping

S1/EP7: When it comes to vintage, pay close attention to sizes because sizing has changed so much. (00:43)

Lori Jones

S1/EP7: See how Lori is keeping up with her fantastic new look. (01:51)

Padded or Pushup?

S1/EP6: Linda Becker guides you through the differences of the padded and pushup bra. (00:49)

Gina Scarda

S1/EP6: How is this "jeans and t-shirt" girl handling life without Tim and Veronica? (01:24)

Choosing Color

S1/EP5: It's very hard to get it right. Let Tim guide you to find the right color for you. (00:54)

Elena Frappier

S1/EP5: Elena invites you to see how well she's kept her look. (01:00)

Glamorous Eyes

S1/EP5: Celebrity Make Up Artist Ashunta Sheriff gives you a tip on how you can have killer eyes. (00:48)