Team Top Chef

The chefs struggle more with a carnival-inspired Elimination Challenge than a one-handed Quickfire Challenge!

Oct 12, 2011

Now, to our bottom dishes. I know a lot of you will be upset that Orlando didn't go home, especially since judging from your comments, most of you are over him. Well, i think Gail explains very well why he didn't. I was very nervous for him, though. Johnny warned him that his use of chocolate was a mistake, and he didn't listen. And, it was. What's interesting is that the chocolate wasn't a huge disconnect for me, as usually chocolate and nut-coated apples can usually be found right next to caramel apples, but Orlando didn't reference that. And it probably wouldn't have mattered. Chris' funnel cake ice cream sounded pretty great had it been executed correctly, but he just had way too many things going on on his plate.

Neither Orlando nor Chris' dishes were worse than Carlos'. He really just fell apart after the demise of his beloved macarons. This killed me because he made such wonderful macarons in the Wonka challenge. Unfortunately, his quick thinking in making angel food cake as a replacement just didn't hold up. Macarons and angel food cake have very different textures, so it seemed like a long shot to me, but i was hoping it would work out. Unfortunateyl it didn't, and Carlos went home. I really, really liked Carlos, and I'm happy this show introduced his talent to us. He's super-talented and hopefully a lot more people will go to experience his desserts in Las Vegas.

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Until then, Have a Nosh!!