Team Top Chef

Episode 7: Two chefs go home, while others reveal their true colors to the judges.

Oct 5, 2011

OK, now onto this week's insane Quickfire Challenge -- talk about high stakes! The bottom chef goes home! It was interesting to see how everyone kept saying, "We could go home for a donut?!" like a donut is any easier to make or less important than any other dessert. In my opinion, donuts are the new cupcakes! And to prove that point, there was no better guest judge than Doughnut Plant owner Mark Israel. I have never had the donuts from the Lower East Side shop, but I have had from the Chelsea Hotel that opened this year. I was planning a housewarming brunch, and I kind of got it in my head that I needed tohave donuts from Doughnut Plant. So, I woke up early, got to the shop about 30 minutes before they opened, and I wasn't the only one waiting!! Here are a couple pics of the ones I got.

If you're interested in what flavors I got, let me know in the Comments below, and I'll try to remember.

Anyway, the chefs all created their own versions of donuts -- some yeast, some cake. Some sticks, some round. In the end, Carlos killed it with Orange & Lemon Zest Bombolinis with Passion Fruit Cream. This might have been a little too much citrus for me, but it sounded interesting and bright. And Carlos won $10,000! Unfortunately, one chef had to go home, and that chef was Megan. Megan was kind of dead in the water when Johnny couldn't get her donut off his plate because the glaze hardened. Although it was ultimately a sad moment, watching Johnny try to get the donut off the plate was like watching Goldie Hawn in Overboard when her "sons" glue her hands to plates. You know which scene I'm talking about?