Yigit Pura

Yigit Pura wishes Katzie hadn't over-accessorized her dish.

on Oct 6, 2011

Katzie is talking smack about doubting Chris’ skill and what his end product is going to come out as, but I’d love to know if she can build a showpiece. Maybe just be thankful someone is doing the work for you. At this point, I’m betting on Sally’s team because they seem to be gelling together the best. However both the teams seem to think they are going to beat the other. Guess time will tell!

When both the showpieces are revealed, my hat is off to both the teams! Those are absolutely gorgeous, and clean. 

First team presents their dishes, and I have to say from the sound I’m not too crazy about them, especially Katzie. Coco Channel is turning in her grave. It’s like she took the dessert, and when it was done, she walked through the pantry and added more accessories to it. How many ingredients and flavors did she list off???

Sally’s team’s desserts look far better off the bat, and weather they planned it or not, the flavors seem to play off of one another too. I want to taste Carlos' dish; it sounds really intriguing. And Sally honed in on the natural acidity of the Manjari and paired it with the tropical flavors. Love it!

Sally’s team wins, and I’m not surprised. Talk about SWEET victory! 

Katzie goes home, and I saw that coming. Visually, it just wasn’t clean. Coco Channel can rest in peace.

Next week is another week of sweet’s served!

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