Harold Dieterle

'Top Chef's' Season 1 winner gives his take on the last two episodes.

on Aug 12, 2009

Anita's eggplant wasn't one that I found to be particularly interesting. I'm not a big eggplant man. If you're gonna cook it, I really don't wanna eat the skin. I'm not into it. I wasn't excited about that plate.

I thought Michael did a nice dish with his pasta. I probably would have used sunchoke pasta which is something I've really enjoyed. They take sunchokes, grind them up, and make pasta out of them. Obviously you can't use breadcrumbs with the restrictions, but I would have figured something out because I love sunchoke pasta.

I thought Rick made a very calculated and intelligent decision by using those greens. I thought it was very smart.

Hubert just makes masterpieces and they are really so beautiful. I think it could be a little tiring using just that guacamole because there's nothing to grab onto, there's no real texture. It seemed like he did a pretty good job.

Art didn't really make the best move. I mean, you've got all your equipment there so why couldn't he have made some sort of sorbet? There's a flash freezer there, so it' s like, dude, make it. I'm trying to figure out what he spent all that time on. He didn't need 2 1/2 hours to prep. Even with the brittle that's crazy. I just wasn't that impressed. Hands down the right person went home.