Cindy Pawlcyn

The Napa chef shares more about her love of offal. What were you thinking when you saw who the chefs you would be competing against were? Did you know any of them before?
I was familiar with Rick and knew of Ludo. It was the first time I met Wilo. One of the best parts of the program was to hang out with these chefs. Each is serving creative, amazing food in their restaurants. I was lucky because they were very supportive and a lot of fun to be with. First the Quickfire, did you know right away what you were going to make with the color yellow? What would have been your first choice of color?
When I heard the color yellow, I kept thinking about the Frank Zappa song, “Don’t Eat the Yellow Snow.” I thought I had better not do that. I wanted to make something with corn.

My first choice of color would be green. What was the inspiration for your dish? Besides color, of course?
Sweet corn Onto the Elimination, what would have been your ideal offal to use from the choices given?
Tongue Were you worried at all about making the menudo mild?
I wanted a dish that would be appealing to 100 people, in a theme park. What do you usually make with tripe?
I braise it and serve it with piperade, the French pepper and tomato stew.  Or, I braise it, bread it, or fry it crisp with Can you tell us a little more about “Girl Eating Guts?” What’s the weirdest thing you guys have eaten?
Andouille sausage in Paris. Great guts at St. John’s Restaurant in London. Did you get to try the other chefs’ stuff? What did you think?
Yes. The dishes were fantastic. What is your favorite type of offal?
I like liver, lamb’s tongue, and veal head. What was your reaction to the judges’ comments?
I thought they were to judge us more on the challenge than what we would do in our restaurant. How did competing differ than you thought it would?
It was a different arena for me. I am not competitive in the “challenge” sort of way. Good food is about doing it right, not quick. Anything else you’d like to add?
The Magical Elves were so very magical and delightful!

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