Team Top Chef

Hugh Acheson returns, Kelis judges a Quickfire, and Mad Men's Christina Hendricks presents a '60s-era challenge to the chefs.

Apr 13, 2011

But, alas, it was Sue Zemanick's time to fall with her duck a l'orange. She spent so much time helping her fellow contestants in the cramped kitchen that she didn't get all the components on her plates. I'd venture to say though that the judges weren't too pleased with what they did get. Even Christina Hendricks asked what kind of difference the missing cracklin would have made had it been on the plate. At first I thought she meant the dish was so good on its own, but quickly realized that made no sense. I'm sure Sue Zemanick picked up quite a few fans in her shore time on the show, though.

As for the top dishes, Mary Sue Miliken on the other hand redeemed her "meh" premiere cupcake offering with an apparently transformative take on a deviled egg. I really want to try this recipe, so maybe I'll make it! P.S. If you want a good deviled egg, I recommend lowcountry. Their pork chop is amazing too. I can't remember if James was referring to Mary's dish when he said, "It's delightfully unctious in the mouth," but he said that about something and I haven't stopped saying it since! So, mazel to Sue! Also mazel to Hugh Acheson on his return! Although I was sad to see John Rivera Sedlar go, I really enjoyed Hugh in the first episode and was happy to see him back. Meanwhile, if you do miss John, watch him reflect on his time on the show.

Before I bid you adieu this week, I wanted to tell you I'll be covering an event some fabulous Top Chefs put together called Eat, Pray, Heal Japan tomorrow night. You can get all the info (including the secret menu) RIGHT HERE, and maybe I'll see you there!

As always, Have a Nosh