Ruth Reichl

Ruth Reichl judges the final three on their teaching ability.

on Sep 19, 2012

Lorena, as usual, was a charming cheerleader. Her students probably had the most fun, but I’d guess that they learned the least. What they found out was how to tweak a lasagna and a salad with some showy touches, but they didn’t come away with any fundamentals.

But these kids are all winners, and if you’d been at the table with us you would have met two extraordinary teachers and a principal with heart. They know the kids, they know the parents, and they really care. Every child in America should have teachers as dedicated and talented as the ones at Las Vegas’ Southwest Career and Technical Academy. 

And a little note about the Quickfire. It was fun -- and revelatory. We all started out determined to use fake accents so the chefs wouldn’t know who we were. Watch carefully, and you’ll see us all lose those accents as time slips away. Cooking against the clock is harder than it looks.