Team Top Chef

It would have been interesting to see Clark Frasier speak up for himself.

on Aug 15, 2012

So, the chefs got to work and came up with some pretty inventive stuff. And they were cooking for Athens Geogia's very own B-52s. Hugh Acheson lives in Athens, but we won't hold that against this legendary group. I love them. I also loved Brad Sherwood's dead-on impression of Fred Schneider on Whose Line is it Anyway? Who remembers that?!

Although the salads were all pretty inventive, a couple stood out. First, Lorena's. Art was worried about Lorena since she decided to grill cauliflower with only eight minutes. It was ballsy, but it worked because she won the challenge! Next, Kerry's. He decided to make a play on Salade Russe and everyone dug it. Finally, Thierry's. They didn't think they liked fruit in their salad, but they enjoyed his. And as I always say, the sign of a great chef -- to me --  is the ability to make people like foods they didn't think they did.

So, with her first Quickfire win under belt, Lorena and her fellow competitors move on to the Elimination Challenge at the Grand Canyon! In a lot of ways this episode reminded me of the Ellis Island episode of Top Chef. Like that challenge, the chefs were traveling to a place with a lot of history, but this time, that land was sacred and this time, they were cooking other people's history, not their own. uUt first, they had to make it to the area settled by the Hualipai tribe! And Takashi was afraid of heights. I love Takashi -- I just start giggling at everything he says because it's all so endearing. This time, I giggled when he forgot he was afraid of heights, but thankfully Chris Cosentino remembered for him! I appreciate that they know these types of things about each other -- they truly are friends.