Gail Simmons

Gail sounds off on why Neal took the win (and her love of Mindy Kaling).

on Aug 30, 20130 OK -- let's talk about the Quickfire briefly.
Gail Simmons: Mindy was great. My biggest regret about this episode is that Mindy left when I got there, and I'm so bummed cause I'm just a big fan. I wish I could've met her cause I'm a fan of The Office and of course The Mindy Project, and I loved the challenge and thought it was perfect for her. Sang made a comment about Doug's scrambled eggs. I know you you have strong feelings about egg cookery.
GS: The challenge isn't to do as many possible things as you can in 30 minutes; it's to make one great thing in 30 minutes. And it was great, and caviar was a quick, smart delicious idea, and if anyone made that for me at midnight, he'd have my heart. It is a classic, beautiful thing to eat, very sexy.


I'm sorry, but both and my husband were shocked that the 2 ladies were eliminated and not Bryan.  I love Bryan, but it was stated that his dish was the LEAST favorite and also uneatable, of the bunch.

When such an elimination happens, it makes it suspicious...what the heck could be the real motivation.

NOT well done this week.