Gail Simmons

Gail sounds off on why Neal took the win (and her love of Mindy Kaling).

on Aug 30, 2013 OK -- let's talk about the Quickfire briefly.
Gail Simmons: Mindy was great. My biggest regret about this episode is that Mindy left when I got there, and I'm so bummed cause I'm just a big fan. I wish I could've met her cause I'm a fan of The Office and of course The Mindy Project, and I loved the challenge and thought it was perfect for her. Sang made a comment about Doug's scrambled eggs. I know you you have strong feelings about egg cookery.
GS: The challenge isn't to do as many possible things as you can in 30 minutes; it's to make one great thing in 30 minutes. And it was great, and caviar was a quick, smart delicious idea, and if anyone made that for me at midnight, he'd have my heart. It is a classic, beautiful thing to eat, very sexy.