Team Top Chef

Forget the dishes —'s Editor focuses on the feistiness of the chefs.

Mar 25, 2008

Now onto the Elimination Challenge -- The chefs had to make their own teams. Spike brought up a good point that even though Richard is a great chef, he has immunity. And EVERY time a chef has immunity, they say they will perform like they don't. Um, whatever you say buddy. Remember Casey's "nest" debacle last year with Joey and Howie? Mm-hmm. Because even if you don't mean to be a weak link, if you are, your immunity will be blamed. Anyway, the Red Team and Blue Team are formed.

I haven't been to a block party in a long time, but if I recall correctly, all the food is basically just there so that people don't get AS drunk as they might with no food in their stomachs. But I digress -- I know that the chefs had slightly limited ingredients, although they were a lot better than I would have thought, but some of their choices really baffled me, probably the most being the paella. Not only was this taped during the summer, so it was super hot out there and paella is heavy, but who eats paella at a block party? (Apologies if you do, in fact, eat paella at your block parties.) But the more and more I think about the more I hear Amy Poehler and Seth Meyers in my head asking "Really, Richard?" I'm also thinking that now Richard can't make paella in another challenge that actually might have called for paella to be made. Hope that doesn't bite him in the arse later.

How cute were the Richmond Ave. residents talking about the food? I love how everyone now speaks as if they're sitting at the Judges' Table right alongside Tom and Padma.