Team Top Chef's Editor swoons over Johnny Iuzzini and Harold Dieterle, and responds to reader comments.

Apr 23, 2008

Hello, again! I hope you all had a wonderful week anticipating last night's episode, which was pretty fun in my opinion. Any episode where I laugh out loud is a good one. First, the chefs had to create -- dare we say it -- a dessert! Like Padma said, desserts have been a nightmare for many a Top Chef contestant. We asked this week's guest judge about this. You can check it out that conversation in the Guest Judges' Blog.blogs_tc_407_02.jpg

OK -- can we just talk about Chef Johnny Iuzzini for just a sec? I've been called boy crazy in my day, but that guy is hot. There I said it. When I saw the previews for this week's episode, I was like "Um, who's that?" And I may be hearing things, but he has an adorable speech impediment to boot! (I have bizarre taste, I know.) Anyway, in Harold's Blog, he mentions that he has gone for cocktails with Johnny a few times, and if I could get invited to that, well, I would. I'm done now.

So, some of the chefs had dessert recipes prepared and some didn't, and I thought they should be disqualified just for that. Helllooo! This is Top Chef! If you don't know by now that you need at least one dessert recipe with you, you're, well, an idiot. Anyway, Richard actually didn't have one and won. So, what do I know? Definitely not more than Chef Iuzzini -- that's for sure.

The chefs then get to get all gussied up and head to The Second City. I was praying the girls wouldn't hussy it up too much (Yes -- that's a technical expression.) Remember what happened last year with the low-cut shirts? They didn't. Yay. So they all headed to the iconic Chicago destination, and would you believe it? Their night was cut short with a challenge. Shocker! The expressions on the chefs' faces when they realized what was happening was pretty priceless.