Barton G.

Miami chef and restauranteur Barton G. weighs in on Top Chef.

on Aug 13, 2007


Toward the end of the Guilty Pleasures episode I was struck by the urge to find out if Howie and bulldogs really do share personality traits. How many times during the last two shows have Sara or Sara N referred to Howie as a member of that breed of quadrapeds? It's obvious how a physical comparison might be drawn, but the two Saras are referring to Howie's character. I wondered if he or bulldogs were being maligned. Turns out bulldogs are drawing the short end of the analogy. According to various websites about them, bulldogs are cherished for their quiet and calm behavior. They are also legendary for their patience with children. If Sara N was indeed the baby of the house, as Howie claimed, he certainly didn't have any patience for her.

Where her pouting, poor-pitiful-me attitude toward the late night party snack challenge was concerned, I don't blame him. As her parting shot, Sara declared "There's a really fine line between being competitive and just being an asshole." There's an equally fine line between legitimate complaint and whining; Sara whined herself out of the competition. Since she was so demoralized by unintentionally wearing a low-cut blouse to Fresh Markets, would the outcome have been any different if Dale had not dismissed one top she had considered wearing as too frumpy? Had she worn it, would she have been an enthusiastic and energetic part of the team?