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Real Housewife of NYC Bethenny Frankel breaks down the Wedding Wars episode.

on May 8, 2008


OK -- so let me just dive in to this week. I love this relay, and each time, I wonder what task I would have taken on. In this case, I probably would have supremed the oranges. All of it was daunting otherwise. That fish and the artichokes looked beyond challenging.

This really does separate the men from the boys (girls) because I really think that this challenge is no joke and that anyone could choke (no pun intended).

Antonia did choke. She wasn't blazing through those oranges and she kept looking to her opponent to see what they were up to. In swimming, you learn to only look straight ahead so you don't waste a single second focusing on anything else but yourself. Richard gutted the perfect fish which was no surprise, and I would have been standing there like a stunned deer. Dale rocked it too, but with Richard his detail and form are as important as the finish line. He does nothing half-assed. Andrew saved the day with his peeler when hacking up the artichokes. It is always the simple tools and common sense that save the day.

In the end, my girl Stephanie really rocked the mayonnaise task. She is very calm and methodical, and when in the right setting, she really shines. She finally did well during a Quickfire. I still maintain that she will be there in the final four.

When Dale's team didn't win, he cursed loudly, slammed the locker, and was visibly furious. I still like Dale. He's passionate, he takes it personally, and I don't think he ever skates by. I think his temper and inability to get along with others will hurt him in the end, although I really believe he will be and deserves to be in the top four as well with Andrew and Richard being the other two besides Stephanie.