Brian Malarkey

Brian Malarkey power ranks all the competition football-style.

on Apr 21, 2008

Gotta love this game!

Great seats on the sidelines/arm chair chef.

Put me in coach!

This week's ranking first and last week's ranking second.

1/1 Stephanie - "Touchdown": Flexing her muscles in the Quickfire Challenge .... Very nice! Going for the win in the big game. She is in the zone and making it look it easy, in a league of her own, but the Patriots should have won it all last year too ...

2/2 Richard - BLAZE "Boring yet effective defensive stand": After last week's horrible salmon dish, I completely understand his game plan. Stay out of the judges' chamber and relax with a beer in the dreaded stew room. It's better than getting the beat down from the judges at 3 in the morning.

3/5 Antonia - "Girl's Got Game": Banana and pineapple. It looks like she's on the offense and getting ready to do some scoring?

4/6 Dale - "For the love of the Game": I thought William "The Refrigerator" Perry was going to eat you! Nice turnaround; broken pretzels to BBQ KING! I'm pissed I didn't get anything for the BBQ Challenge last year. Great dish and what a good one for him to win in The Windy City with DA BEARS!