Brian Malarkey

Brian Malarkey handicaps the competitions and reveals why he thinks Lisa Fernandez didn't deserve her win.

on Apr 14, 2008


This week's ranking appears first followed by last week's ranking. A little nicer Malarkey this week .... Love to you all!

1/1 Stephanie - Still on top even after a very poor performance in the Quickfire. Shows her great all-around chef skills by balancing a very edgy team and in the end she get the praise from Tom and company. (Good to have you back, Tom, and I agree the cussing is an awful reflection on our industry)

2/2 Richard - Still shows great leadership skills even while almost sinking his team in the poaching Jacuzzi. No excuses for the scales on the salmon -- you should have removed the skin. I can't imagine it was any good poached. You know how awful it is to be on the bottom, and I'm sure we won't see you back there for a long time.