Brian Malarkey

Brian Malarkey handicaps the competitions and reveals why he thinks Lisa Fernandez didn't deserve her win.

on Apr 14, 2008


9/10 Nikki - Keep a level head and solving problems. Nicely done. The preview for next week tells us you might be on the outs ....

10/8 Spike - You are really making a bad name for cool hats. Squash soup was a stupid Idea even if the judges said it was a good idea -- they would have knocked you for not spending your money wisely.

11/12 Lisa - So negative all the time, throwing the sheet trays around, cussing, bitching. Congratulations on the win and enjoy the trip to Italy -- the bacon sounds great but you really didn't deserve it had the judges seen the entire process. You were awful in the grocery store, didn't want to do this dish or that dish but didn't have anything to offer as far as ideas, you just kept waiting for Dale and Stephanie to come up with a dish you would agree on. You were dipping and licking your fingers on national TV ... come on!

Farwell Zoi -- You handled your exit with a ton of class. Congratulations and best of luck.