Carlos Fernandez

Carlos Fernandez ponders lobster, Miami livin, and Micah's goodbye.

on Jun 28, 2007


There really wasn't much wizardry to talk about. I again commend Brian for your lobster & cabbage roll. It should have gotten more props. I was a bit taken aback by the judges seeming obliviousness as to the realities of cholesterol and fat content in Lobster. Lobster Facts: According to the American Heart Association, the daily recommended allowance of cholesterol is not to exceed 300 milligrams. A 3-ounce portion of lobster has only 61 milligrams of cholesterol, 83 calories and only .5 grams of fat. So you can see that he was well within his limits. I'm just wondering if he knew this and didn't say anything (since he had immunity), or if possibly he did confront the judges and it was edited out.

Congrats to Howie for your fennel crusted pork with apple fennel salad and a cider glaze. This dish really shone in its simple elegance. Seems that Howie really got this challenge. It was also good to see him vindicated after the first two very difficult episodes for him. I cannot wait to make this recipe both here at the Hi-Life Cafe and on the Cada Dia morning show on Telemundo on July 11th. It looks and sounds simply delicious! It was a tough choice as to who should go. While not totally ambitious, neither Lia nor Sarah's dishes were worthy of the boot. I've got to say that CJ's tuna dish looked abysmal ... he was obviously saved by the flaxseed tuile; that left only Micah. While I have loved her creativity on the first couple of episodes, I was disappointed that she seemed to approach this challenge from the wrong angle. Since she lived in South Africa, I just kept wondering why she didn't turn her dish in to Baboti -- a traditional dish with many of the same ingredients as meatloaf, but with many more refreshing herbs and spices that would truly give the dish a lift. It can also be prepared in a much healthier style. What did her in, though, was that she seemed to be looking down on Americans with her ketchup remark -- that obviously and understandably put off the American judges.