Carlos Fernandez

Carlos Fernandez on Spam, and CJ's departure.

on Sep 17, 2007

Quickfire Challenge

I knew there would be a breakfast challenge, but I didn't think it would be straight out of bed! "Sara, you rock. Not only was your 'Egg In The Hole' dish liked by Padma, but you also had the cleanest station. And to top it off, you are finally getting the attention of the camera crew with some terrific asides. My favorite moment from this episode was when Chef Tom was hovering over you and you said, 'Hot stuff coming through...I'll burn you' and laugh." Priceless! I would like to have tasted Dale's dish as well. However the shout out goes to Hung for getting smart and realizing the way to a girl's heart is sweetened condensed milk and Grand Marnier.

Elimination Challenge

Another Top Chef teaser. "We're leaving Miami for New York." Only it's not New York -- it's Newark. And they are held hostage at the airport. I bet the Fountainbleu never looked so good. I know the new fashions are all frayed, but Padma looks like she got caught in the luggage carousel! Ha! This was a really tough challenge as the chefs were asked to not only make a great meal, but to package it in a way few of us are accustomed to doing. I enjoyed watching the chefs walk into the hanger a la 'Right Stuff' -- ready to save the world...or at least first class. And then the drama of all the flight attendants marching aboard. Great choice on Hung's part to make Chilean Sea Bass.