Gail Simmons

Forget Good Morning, Vietnam. New York City restaurant critic Andrea Strong offers a list of her favorite food movies.

on Apr 3, 2008

Like the judges, I was disappointed in the Talk to Her meal (though I too LOVED that movie), as it didn't seem terribly confident, bold, or passionate. While I loved the idea of using Willie Wonka as inspiration, I had my doubts about that white chocolate wasabi sauce (so did Zoi as she said over and over again, rather petulantly, in the stew room). But apparently Richard, Dale, and Andrew nailed the flavors and really produced a stunning dish. I think the Quote of the Show has to go to Andrew who offered this gem at Judges' Table when discussing his Willy Wonka-inspired plate: "I have no doubt that people will culinarily crap in their pants when eating this food." What would we do with out Andrew? He's the best.

Below is a list of my favorite "food" movies. I would love to hear yours so please add your comments below.

What's Cooking, directed by Gurinder Chada, is probably the most underrated food movie ever made. It's about four different (dysfunctional) families celebrating Thanksgiving and the drama and meals that show up in each of their kitchens. It was out for all of one month in art house theaters in New York City and I caught it and LOVED it. See it now.

Mostly Martha (German version), written and directed by Sandra Nettlebeck, was exquisite in its original German version-heartbreaking and poignant. I didn't even bother with the American remake.

Eat, Drink, Man, Woman, written and directed by Ang Lee, is a classic. If you can watch this movie and not laugh, cry, and come out of it craving Chinese food, you're inhuman.