Gail Simmons

Gail Simmons talkes TV dinners and Joey's narrow-mindedness.

on Aug 1, 20070

It was no coincidence that the two teams that failed to get along served the weakest food. Howie and Sara M's Mediterranean Shrimp Pasta with Fennel & Sundried Tomato Vinaigrette suffered not only from including too many competing flavors, but also from overcooking. Since they did not use the IQF method, it went into the pan in one big chunk, which they cooked on far too high a flame, and therefore could not control the doneness of their ingredients. They also could not control each other!


Hung and Joey's Tri-colored Fusilli with Chicken and Garlic Sun-dried Tomato Sauce had many of the same problems. It went into the freezer in one frozen batch and came out of the pan a muddled, overcooked mush that lacked flavor and originality. Joey was sent home because he could not comprehend what was required of him in this challenge. Regardless of what Hung may have intended for their food, the end result is what we are forced to judge. Their dish's failure was obviously due to Joey's narrow-mindedness. I was sorry to see him in such a state at the end of the episode, as I thought he brought a lot to the show. That night, his passion seemed to get the better of him. I am sure Cafe des Artistes was happy to have him back, and I wish him well with whatever he chooses to do next. Let's just hope he stays away from the frozen food aisle.


Gretchen/Claire? Jumped the shark.It iattrries me how the producers take to the table this train of ideas Heroes is a superhero show -> only straight guys watch -> viewership is falling, so girl-on-girl action will get their rocks off -> higher ratings. Way to stereotype your target audience, objectify women, glorify stalking, and trivialise same-sex attraction. >