Gail Simmons

Gail reports on the perils of sky-high Broccolini.

on Sep 12, 2007

Well, at long last, many airlines are starting to do something about this. With programs in place such as Continental's Congress of Chefs, as well as my friend Michelle Bernstein consulting for Delta Airlines and wine expert Joshua Wesson picking wines for JetBlue, there is hope that one day soon we may enjoy satisfying food and drink at cruising altitude. In the meantime, on Top Chef our contestants were also given a chance to prove to the world that it may be possible to serve a decent meal on-board an aircraft.

Watching the show unfold, I could not help being reminded of a similar challenge we gave the contestants on Top Chef Season One, when we asked them to make individually portioned meals, reheat them in the microwave and serve them to a hungry group of ladies who lunch. Many of the same rules apply now as they did then and, amazingly, it seems as though many of the same mistakes were made, most notably serving overcooked meat and vegetables.