Gail Simmons

Gail Simmons let's you in on the judges' decision to make Hung Huynh Top Chef.

on Oct 4, 2007

Please understand there is no secret equation to choosing our winner. Like always, our final elimination was taken very seriously. We debated and discussed every detail late into the night. In fact, we talked straight through until early the next morning! There were points to be made for each of our finalists and at no time did we take for granted that our decision would ultimately affect the course of people's lives. We judged only on the food that was placed in front of us that night. The process went something like this:

First, we all begrudgingly agreed that Casey had not shown us her best possible side. From how she spoke at Judges' Table I think she knew it, too. It was clear her food suffered from shaken nerves and lack of focus -- we could taste it in her menu. Her Scallop and Foie Gras would have been extraordinary if she hadn't added that dollop of salmon roe. It changed the flavor of the whole dish, completely overpowering the delicate nature of the other ingredients. Her Sake Poached Prawns Over Bamboo Rice was equally confusing. It, too, had a scoop of caviar, which added a muddy taste to the already strong yuzu broth, instead of infusing it with more flavor. I could tell her idea was interesting in concept, if only she had more time to refine it. Her Crispy Pork Belly was so dried out that it was almost impossible to cut, but that roasted peach with ginger pea shoots and cardamom crème fraiche was just as perfect as she claimed. It was her "surprise" course which shone the brightest -- Seared Sirloin with Chanterelles and Ruby Chard, Crispy Fingerlings with Red Wine and Parsley Puree. Although she was the chef, we found out later that Howie was actually responsible for most of the work. I was just as upset as I know so many of you are that Casey was out of the running. She embodies so much of what a true chef should be both in and out of the kitchen. I have nothing but respect and admiration for her confident attitude and, of course, her hard work.