Gail Simmons

Gail Simmons talks catering, weddings, and Stephen Aspirinio's ego.

on Dec 15, 2008

Catering a large wedding is an entirely different challenge than cooking in a restaurant. As any couple's wedding day is likely to be the single most important and memorable of their lives, the entire experience of planning its details can be incredibly emotional. Expectations are always higher and clients are sure to be pickier than at any other event. Brides and/or grooms are looking to have their dreams fulfilled more than ever before and the job of a wedding caterer is to translate those dreams into edible reality. In order to do so, they must consider very carefully what their own limitations and capabilities will be. Furthermore, they must pay particular attention to timing, location, and mass appeal. Managing a client's expectations and making reasonable promises is vital to delivery of the final product.

Our remaining chefs presented "The Scotts" with five very different interpretations of a Pan-Asian wedding meal. Stephen, as usual, went high concept, complete with a menu requiring its own translator. Tiffani chose to present a simpler idea, featuring her signature clean flavors and an endearing twist on the traditional wedding cake. Humble Harold stuck to what he knew best with dishes based on his South East Asian travels, while Dave stayed true to his passion for flavorful, functional food. Lee Anne, on the other hand, went for the wow factor! She dazzled the Scotts with origami lovebirds and pretty painted sketches -- I would have been dazzled too!