Harold Dieterle

Harold Dieterle reveals his favorite so far and explains the process of rendering skin.

on Apr 9, 2008


The Quickfire this week was a good one. Your palate can be trained, but like 90%, more than 90% of your taste buds come from your nose, and some people just don't smell well. You gotta have that. You gotta be able to do that. It's just a memory thing is what it is. It's just remembering. I have a very strong palate, picking up on a lot of undertones and overtones of different flavors and textures. It's very important to be able to cook. Antonia hasn't really been doing or cooking anything that's really "Wow, oh my God." She makes good, simple food, probably similar to what I do. It's just a matter if it's appropriate for the challenge, and it's soulful, and the guest judges and Tom and Padma are all digging it.

Ming Tsai is a good guy. I like Ming. He's a lot of personality. He's really funny. And he's got -- I've never cooked with him -- but there's something to be said about someone who is a celebrity chef and still only has one restaurant, still has one focus. A lot can be said on that.

Onto the Elimination. Another team challenge, though. That's brutal. Has there been a straight up single chef Elimination yet? For Team Earth, it was a really shitty situation. Obviously with Antonia, you want yourself to be heard, and you want to play a role, but you really don't have anything to lose. It's really selfish the situation she put them in. I don't really recall Zoi being that strong and saying, "I want to do a soup." I do remember Spike saying, "I wanna do butternut squash soup." I mean it's really difficult to wow people with soup. Some people are really into those just straightforward, really home-cooked flavors. I love a bowl of soup, and I love making soup. I don't see anyone winning a challenge making soup. I don't see a challenge being won by someone making soup. That's just my feeling on it. Certainly if you do want to play it a little safe and go in that direction, soup could be a good thing, and I feel like they used a lot of earthy ingredients. They just didn't make the best of it I suppose. Sunchokes, and rosemary, and mushrooms, and beef -- I just don't know. The other ingredients sound great -- I can kinda see where they were going with that. You have a lot of sweet, and subtle, and earthy flavors, and then you blast rosemary in there. A specific situation where it's not used properly to make all the flavors harmonious, it can be problematic.