Harold Dieterle

Harold Dieterle reveals his favorite so far and explains the process of rendering skin.

on Apr 9, 2008

The fight after? Wow. It was an interesting scene. Stephanie was kinda holding it together. You got two sides that are just not feeling each other. Then you have Jenn and Spike going back and forth, battling it out. It was just like, geez, it's getting ugly. Richard was getting upset too.

I was sad to see Zoi go -- you can tell she's a really sweet girl. There can be only one I suppose.

Since you guys have been asking who my favorites are, I have to say, I like Stephanie. I like Richard. Stephanie and Richard, they're probably my two favorites. Not really amused by Andrew anymore. I lost it. I was amused by him the first time I saw the tapioca faux caviar, but it's boring to me at this point.