Harold Dieterle

What made Harold jealous in this episode? Hint: It wasn't Otto and the lychee situation.

on Oct 25, 2006

First off, thanks everyone so much for the support. I want everyone to know, we're trying really hard to get Perilla open. We're very close to securing a West Village space, and are getting pretty close to raising just a little bit more money. You know, keep a look out for us -- we're shooting for an end of the year opening. You're welcome to submit cash!

It's been pretty great to be on the street since Season 2 started airing. People still recognize me and ask me if I'm going to be on the entire season. I have to say, I'm not cut out for doing that job. Mainly because I really want to get my restaurant open, but being on the other side, it's not really fair for me to sit back and seriously critique these guys. They're constantly asked to make these really quick decisions, and watching it makes me think that all I can do is just try to be as fair as possible here. So, let's talk episode two.

First off, I was pretty cracked up by seeing Tom get up at 4:30 in the morning. You got to let that guy sleep in. He's getting old, man. He's not a young warhorse anymore.

Second off, I was pretty jealous. A fish market?! Come on. I was pretty much right there with Elia's analysis of fish. Love to eat 'em. Love to cook 'em. I'm a huge fish fan, and then they showed up there, I just ... all I could think was, "Wow, man, this is going to be awesome. A sushi plate?!" And you know, one of the things about this competition, it's really about putting flavor profiles together, but also about display of knife skills.